2022 Annual Fair: Specialty Food Market Vendor Application

Do not print this form and mail it to us.  We will return it to you.

Specialty Food Market for food vendors

We are dedicating a section of the vendor area to food vendors, which will be very limited.  Food items include baked goods, nuts, bars, jams, preserves, honey, spices, hot sauces, and other condiments.  Food vendors are prohibited from selling manufactured food items and all food items must be pre-packaged.  Vendors are prohibited from preparing or packaging food on-site.  Heating and refrigeration units are strictly prohibited.

The following are not permitted:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Bottled water and other bottled beverages
  3. Canned beverages
  4. Any type of beverage
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Shaved Ice
  7. Pet Food & Treats

These spaces are limited, and applications will be accepted based on the date we receive the application and the type of food sold.  We encourage all food vendors to apply very early as we expect to sell out of these spots.  Please use the Specialty Food Market application below.

Food Samples and Suffolk County Board of Health Permits – all items must be prepackaged including samples.  You will not need a permit.  Note: the specialty food section will be located on the pavement.

Vendor Online Directory

We will publish an online directory of all fair vendors several weeks before the fair.  The directory will include select vendor information regarding products sold and vendor contact information which is provided here in the application.  We will also include the location of each vendor’s fair space and a site map of the fair so fair-goers can locate each vendor.

Application Notifications – via email and our website

Shortly after you apply you can check the Vendor Acceptance Page to see if your application has been approved.  The applicants appearing on the vendor acceptance page are listed by the date their application was submitted to us and by vendor last name and postal zip code.  We will make regular updates to the Vendor Acceptance Page so be sure to check it periodically.  To ensure you get all email from us, be sure to white list our email address and add it to your safe-sender list ([email protected]).